Welcome to the Frequently asked questions.

Who is Rawn official?
  • Rawn Is also Know as Terence S. A Creative artist from Switzerland.

Are the Beats Under a License?

  • Yes, all beats & music are under a License. Master Copyright belongs to  Rawn Official (Terence Steiner)

Why Buy From Rawn?

  • I strive to create quality sounds, unique Vibes, and Timeless Music!
  • I will do this until the day I die.

Is There a Return Policy?

  •  No, But i know we can figure something out.

Is There an Affiliate Program?

  • Yes! But its Private at the moment and is for Audiosire.com
  • [earn up to 15% on every sale] if your interested contact us anytime!.
  • Please Contact Me: [Terence@audiosire.com]


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